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Central Government

​First Security is the authority on government protection.

The corridors of power need protection more than most. We deliver strategic security solutions that protect the information, infrastructure and facilities of some of New Zealand's most important assets. Our highly trained, highly qualified team sees to providing cleared staff for high security sites.

​The highest level of scrutiny is applied to all our checks, ensuring the utmost protection for our most critical assets.

First Security provides a variety of different services including access scanning. A thorough understanding of client requirements is determined by structured risk assessments prior to the design and delivery of tailored security solutions.

Local Government

​First Security supports safe, happy communities across New Zealand.

We work with local governments across the country to deliver high-quality patrols, focused on creating places where safety, family and community are one and the same.

We believe in protecting a community's biggest asset – its people –  as well as its property.

​From alarm response, virtual patrols and lockup/unlock to responding to anti-social behaviour, vandalism and graffiti, noise complaints and suspicious activity, we can deploy an appropriate response around the clock.

The visible presence of security provides a heightened level of safety for residents, local businesses and visitors acting as a deterrent against antisocial behaviour, making your municipality a happy and safe place to be.

New Zealand Defence Force

​Who is the first company the New Zealand Defence Force calls to protect its own? First Security.

Being selected the New Zealand Defence Force is testament to our professionalism and the utmost levels of training for our guards. With a primary role of protecting critical personnel and facilities,

​we combine resources and expertise to manage access control and minimise threats on the ground and to key sites of the New Zealand Defence Force.