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​In rail security, we subscribe to a different train of thought.

While some security companies endorse a heavy-handed approach, First Security maintains that a member of the public should never need to be protected from a security officer.


​It's this approach that has seen us appointed as the foremost provider of security to rail services nationally. We handle security and CCTV surveillance and the protection of locomotive breakdowns. In addition to guarding, security and patrolling duties, the role of our officers extends to emergency response, deploying guards for the protection of locomotive breakdowns.


​When it comes to ferry security, let First Security be your first port of call.

We understand that when it comes to critical infrastructure, security requires a flexible approach to service delivery. First Security's primary aim is enhanced service delivery, continually improving the safety and wellbeing of staff and commuters on New Zealand's Ferry Networks.

​Officers put customers first, assisting customers wherever possible and protecting commuters and staff from anti-social behaviour.